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Our social world has many layers that make it hard to envision new worlds. When delving into specialized topics it can be challenging to have conversations that synthesize the work that has already been done. These themes have been chosen in an effort to uplift currents of social change; we are open to expanding these themes for activist and social justice groups who would like to use this space as an opportunity to support their work.

vegan philosophy. intersectional anti-oppressive, critical race, decolonial, tools for transitions

radical arts. spoken word art, street art, comedy, graphic design, literary arts, visionary fiction & science fiction for social change

economic liberation. alternatives to capitalism, solidarity economies, minimalism, zero waste lifestyles

prison abolitionism. shifting from prison industrial complex and mass incarceration to recovery and rehabilitation, education

liberatory education. critical pedagogy, education for democracy

racial equity. Black Lives Matter and Black Liberation, reckoning with racisms of past and present, conceptualizing white supremacy

breaking binaries. gender, [intersectional] feminism, sexualities, queer and trans

collective cuentos. living history, how we share stories of our past

inclusive geographies. migration, refugees, ending cycles of violence, immigrants

*Note: if you are participating and have further suggestions for readings or comments, please write us at

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