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by Victoria Mohtes-Chan


What, does that even mean?



Love and Compassion

It’s never really been just a place to me

It’s the memories and emotions attached and

There are always strings attached in this relationship

A reassurance that we have a place to belong

Sometimes I find home with POC in the frustration of White-amette

Sometimes I find home with white culture that I grew up around

Sometimes I find home with challah melting in my mouth

Sometimes I find home in chow mein that promises nostalgia

Sometimes I find my home caressing the earth with soft steps running

Sometimes I find my home in my room looking at the cards telling me I am loved

Home is an abstract concept

A fluffy word to alleviate our insecurities and loss of something loved when we are gone

Like when I’ve drawn the millionth flower in my stats notebook and ache at the thought of my long lost bed so lonely and cold waiting for me to return home

I know, I miss you too

My home is where genuine connections are

With people, places and food

Can’t forget food

by Victoria Mohtes-Chan

"I grew up in Davis, CA before participating in AmeriCorps NCCC-FEMA Corps in a gap year between high school and college. This year expanded my perspectives of the world and demonstrated the value of connecting with a diverse group of people to serve the community. This foundation of community building has influenced my college career by creating a passion for community building and service. During college, I have been an RA and participated in various community service projects. I am a senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in American Ethnic Studies.

Last year I studied abroad in Ecuador and Costa Rica where I saw how food and culture interact to connect people and influence people´s lifestyles. This past year I have learned about the impact of food on our health, the environment and the well-being of animals. Although school is very important, community building and fostering meaningful relationships form the most valuable experiences. I enjoy running, sleeping, eating and understanding how to build stronger communities."

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

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