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    we are creative minds and spirits who see food as a medium for social change

    why food?

    As we nourish our bodies, we nourish our minds, cultivating the strength and resilience needed to be more engaged and caring members of our communities. Food invites us into conversation every time we sit down to share the table. Through authentic dialogue that bridges life experiences, we can co-create new ideas for action.


    We seek to bring together resources to learn more about how dietary choice connects to the bigger picture - the structures of power and oppression - and the alternatives that challenge dominant ways of eating. We invite you to join in the collective efforts to eat for liberation by reflecting on and developing your own food philosophy.

  • Our efforts are intended to nourish a sense of critical consciousness. By considering how our individual choices relate to collective patterns of consumption, thought, and movement, we the people hold the potential to build a more brilliant future. If you have a creative, compassionate spirit, we invite you to join us as we engage in Eating for Liberation. Together, we are changing our shared social world.

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    we ask people:
    what is your food philosophy?

    how do you see food as connected to politics and social change?

    what events or experiences or readings have affected your relationship to food?

    how do your social identities play into the development of your food philosophy?

    what do you think about veganism?

    Anne DeLessio-Parson. she/her/hers.
    from milwaukee, wisconsin, lives in portland, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "if we’re going into spices and things like that, i would say salt. and the reason why is...i think salt is something that you have to have the right balance of. you don’t want to have too much or too little. and that’s a principle i try to work around and bring into my own life."


  • Megan Pratt. she/her/hers.

    from austin, texas, lives in salem, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "an almond biscotti... i'm a little sweet, a little crunchy, and...i'm best when i'm with coffee."



  • Marisol Espinosa. they/them/theirs.

    salem, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "palak paneer. it's an indian dish. it's vegetarian. it's creamed spinach with cheese cubes. and i usually eat it with naan bread. i think that because i'm chubby - i don't know why - i think of creamy. and i'm also chunky, so it kind of goes with that. but i don't mean that in a bad way; obviously it's an awesome dish. and i view myself in the same way. and it has to be spicy because spicy kind of embodies my entire life. it's creamy, but it also still has that bite to it."


  • Brittany Drake. she/her/hers.

    los angeles, california.

    Direct Action Everywhere, Los Angeles

    what food embodies you? "right now it's summer and one of my favorite things about summer is zucchini... if i had to be any type of food, it'd be anything made with zucchini because it's like, the epitome of summer, and... it can grow really fast, and it's so versatile. you can fry it, you can make chips, you can make pesto, you can turn it into noodles, you can bake it into bread. i feel like that would embody me because i feel like i like to push myself and constantly grow in new directions. also i'm a california girl, born and still living in california, and it;s eternally summer here, and i'm really into growing my own food [as well as] eating a whole foods plant based diet that's not super processed - and basically everything i make with zucchini is barely processed, it's pretty healthy."


  • Kai River Blevins. xe/xem/xyr or they/them/theirs.
    upstate/western new york and oregon.
    Personal Blog


    what food embodies you? "one of my favorite foods is called runza. i think it's originally a polish dish, but it's been in my [italian] family ever since they immigrated here. it's pretty much like, take a dinner roll, stuff it with hamburger meat, cabbage, and onion, and then you bake it. that's what i grew up eating a lot of in my family. i do that now with all veggies, and vegan substitute meat sometimes. it's very convenient, and it can be adapted in so many ways... i like that it's very versatile and also that it's something i was able to adapt from my childhood, so it's kind of like comfort food. for my mental health, there's not always time i can meal prep, or i don't have an appetite 'cause i'm depressed, so i need something all of a sudden. sometimes i will make a huge batch and then stick a bunch in the freezer, so it's very versatile in that way too, it's adaptable to my mental health. and i crave lots of flavor profiles so it's very versatile in that way too. i think it embodies me."



    Gwenna Hunter. she/her/hers.

    los angeles, california.
    Vegans of LA
    Vegan Outreach
    Speech about Gwenna's spiritual vegan journey

    what food embodies you? "seeded - seeded specifically - watermelon. seeded watermelon. the reason it has to be seeded is because right now so many foods are being genetically modified to take out the seeds. and that's kind of like removing a womb and having a baby. and seeds are the life force for all foods. it's what creates life, it's what gives food its power and its healing ability. i love watermelon, it's thirst quenching, it's also nutritious, it flushes out and cleanses the body, and it's delicious. [i see myself in this because] even being vegan doesn't mean that you are healthy. to me a watermelon is almost like a perfect food, it has all these amazing properties in it. that's the kind of person i want to evolve into. i want to be well-balanced. i want to be natural, i want to be organic. i want to be...evolved, you know, as a vegan. i don't wanna be a vegan that's just about diet, i don't wanna be a vegan that's just about animals. i want to know about the environment. i want to talk to people about consciousness of the animals, spirituality, talk about the health points, talk about GMOs, so i... i want to be like a watermelon!"


  • Jonathan Grindell. he/him/his.

    from long island, new york. lives in seattle, washington.
    Solidarity Legal

    what food embodies you? ""licorice. black licorice. yeah, i'm eating it right now. you know, my favorite is the icelandic salty black licorice, which most people think is disgusting... so, that's why i like it."


  • Scott Richter. he/him/his.
    jacksonville, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "i think i'd probably be a sweet potato, just because i'm good for you, i'm humble and unassuming, and i'm there whenever you need me."


  • Jodi Thomas she/her/hers.

    salem, oregon.
    Little Lantern Floral

    what food embodies you? ""mexican food. it's a little spicy, and i'm a little sassy. i have a lot of flavor and a big personality."


  • Kristin Jradi. she/her/hers.

    seattle, washington.

    what food embodies you? ""i don't know a specific food, but i think just fruits and vegetables because i think they really represent how i feel about clean eating and how important that is and... just to nourish your body with plant food."


  • Jonny Louangrath. he/him/his.

    mill creek, washington and salem, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "a tofu pad thai. my mom makes really good pad thai because she's, like, actually thai. and that's part of my ethnicity too. so, i think it reflects the type of culture that i would like to embody. and it's just one of my favorite foods, it's my go-to when i go out to a thai restaurant. it's pretty cliche and really popular... but i like a good pad thai."


  • Olive Murdoch Meyer. she/her/hers.
    saint paul, minnesota and salem, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "i feel like an obvious answer would be the olive. but i truly feel like it kinda does [embody me]. it's like a bitter umami flavor, which i love. it's not too sweet or too savory. it's kind of its own thing, and i like that, and i hope that's what i can be."


  • Cody Hoff. he/him/his.
    san diego, california and salem, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "i would say peanut butter. i have had a love for it from a very young age. even when i was on this ship [in the middle of the ocean] it was still the one snack that i always had, it was like a staple."


  • Emma Sharpe. she/her/hers.

    santa rosa, california.

    what food embodies you? "avocados. you can put them in anything, they're very... able to be in different situations and work with it; i think i'm pretty good at that. a lot of people like them, but not everybody. that's probably me too. oh, also, they're kind of hard on the outside so at first you're like 'oh what's that, that's kind of weird,' but then on the inside they're very yummy and nice and you enjoy them. and i think that's kind of me. and then at the very center they have their core. the core would represent the part of me that i keep to myself and only share with people that i really like and trust. hmm, what else about an avocado... oh, they're kind of small. i'm kind of small."

    *sorry for the distorted sound quality. i am unsure why this happened.

  • Jordan Marie Martin. she/her/hers.

    from anchorage, alaska, lives in salem, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "coconut. it can go good with a lot of different things - savory or sweet. i feel like i'm kind of... versatile in that way. also i feel like since i went vegan i just, i eat so many coconut things. like, i always have coconut oil, i always have coconut water..."

    *sorry for the distorted sound quality. i am unsure why this happened.

  • Cody Meadows. he/him/his.

    from anchorage, alaska, lives in salem, oregon.

    There's No Business Like Show Business

    what food embodies you? "potato chips. they're my favorite food. i eat them before, like, every activity. [they embody me because] they're crunchy, whenever you eat them they're loud... i'd say that matches my personality."


  • Lina Silah she/her/hers.

    singapore and the maldives.
    Lina's organic powdered soy milk company

    what food embodies you? "soy beans. they can be used to make soy milk, which i love. because i'm half chinese i grew up drinking and eating soy products. [soy] can be used to make bean curd, tofu, tempeh, soy mince... it's a staple in my diet. and also there's lot of misinformation about soy, people say it's cancer causing, all this nonsense... the china study completely debunks this and shows it's actually really good for our health. the only thing i would mention is that i do not support GMO soy [because] farmers can't save the gmo seeds, they drive them to bankruptcy, it's very profit oriented, and also because of the use of pesticides, round up, glyphosate..."


  • Billy Tate. he/him/his.
    acme, washington.

    what food embodies you? "a sunflower sprout. that would be the food that embodies me. it's just lively and vibrant and i really like it a lot. and they just make me feel wholesome and healthy."


  • Julia Di Simone. she/her/hers.
    california and oregon.
    The Second Sunrise.

    what food embodies you? "gnocchi. it's my favorite food and it's something that i learned how to make with my grandmother. every time i visit my grandmother and i get off the plane she always has that ready for me. and... even after i stopped eating meat and different things that my grandmother would make, she could still make me my favorite dish. and it's delicious."


  • Zachary Dyne. he/him/his.
    los angeles, california.

    what food embodies you? "apples. partially because i like apples, but also they come in a bunch of different varieties and they'll taste slightly different. and i try to be consistent but also i can be a different person in different contexts, and i think that's okay. and they're all the same, they're all apples at the core."


  • Elizabeth Bagot. she/her/hers.
    oakland, california.

    what food embodies you? "there's this dish in my culture, it's called pepper pot. it's basically this stew that you put a whole bunch of meat in. I would say that's a food that embodies me because it's very traditional and when I think of myself I would think of that."


  • Ira Rubio. they/them/theirs.
    portland, oregon.
    Doggy Dog World Spotify

    Doggy Dog World Bandcamp

    what food embodies you? "i've always had a particular fondness for chinese eggplant - the longer, skinnier eggplant. they're a really cool purple color. i love using it in cooking. they're a little different than the traditional european eggplant. it embodies me because it was in a lot of traditional things that i grew up eating that i didn't see a lot when i began seeing what other people ate here in america versus what i ate in the philippines."


  • Bethel Eyasu. she/her/hers.
    portland, oregon.

    what food embodies you? "i would say avocado and hummus toast. everybody eats avocado toast but I don't know if a lot of people eat avocado and hummus toast. i kind of just tried them together and it was really good. i feel like you expect avocado but then you don't expect the hummus, and the colors will throw you off too. hummus is usually a tan color, next to that bright green, and you wonder if it will be good. but then you take a bite of it and it's really good! and i feel like that embodies me because sometimes my face looks like i'm mean or not approachable but then people get to know me and are like "oh, you're not that bad!"


  • Michael Blanco. he/him/his.
    richmond, california.

    what food embodies you? "sushi. because it rolls with whatever's happening."


  • Lukas West. he/him/his or they/them/theirs.
    vashon, washington.

    what food embodies you? "i'd be vegemite, because i'm sort of weird and gross but i'm also an acquired taste. i'm also salty. and europeans like me a lot."


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