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    we are creative minds and spirits who see food as a medium for social change

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    As we nourish our bodies, we nourish our minds, cultivating the strength and resilience needed to be more engaged and caring members of our communities. Food invites us into conversation every time we sit down to share the table. Through authentic dialogue that bridges life experiences, we can co-create new ideas for action.


    We invite you to join in our efforts to eat for liberation by reflecting on and developing your unique food philosophy.


    We will gather in the Willamette Ballroom of the Salem Convention Center to share a four-course plant-based meal inspired by bell hooks' All About Love, co-created by participants and chef/artist Salimatu Amabebe. The event will be recorded so that we may set aside our individual technology and be present during dinner. You may choose to use footage in your artistic responses.

  • Our efforts are intended to nourish a sense of critical consciousness. By considering how our individual choices relate to collective patterns of consumption, thought, and movement, we the people hold the potential to build a more brilliant future. If you have a creative, compassionate spirit, we invite you to join us as we engage in Eating for Liberation. Together, we are changing our shared social world.

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